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Count down to Comic Con!!!!!!!

I am soooooo excited about my upcoming trip to San Diego to attend the 2008 Comic Con! No, I'm not obsessed with John Barrowman or Doctor Who at all. *as innocent a grin as I can muster while bouncing off the walls*
So, come next Wednesday I will be hopping on a plane in Oakland at 9:15 to arrive in San Diego about an hour later where I will make my way to the Convention center to meet up with someone I have never met before. We will be roomies (mates the Doctor says) for the three nights I am in San Diego. The last time I ran off the So. Cal with complete strangers was in 2000 for the Xena Convention. LOL

On the night I arrive there is a preview night in the Exhibition Hall for those of us who bought 4 day passes. *whistles innocently* At that time I can buy a ticket to get John Barrowman's autograph after his panel!!!!! (not that I'm excited in the least by this prospect) *thud* He's not just an actor, he also has a gorgeous voice. For friends who have not yet heard the gospel of John from me, if you listen my playlist, (which can be found on facebook or myspace) I have some of his songs on it. *happy sigh* I also have some videos on a playlist there of his performances.  His rendition of I am Don Quixote is just... *thud*, where was I?

The panels I HAVE to get into on both on Thrusday one right after the other in the same room. Yay! I will have to get to the room for the panel before the ones I want to attend since they don't clear the room between panels. My panels start at Noon. The panel prior starts at 10:45. I'm guessing we will go line up as soon as the doors open (is that 9 or 10?).

I'm going to get to see Julie Gardner, Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat, John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori and Burn Gorman!!!!!!!!  *squeeeeeeeeeee* *thud* *drags self up from where head connected with edge of desk*  (I really need to quit doing that, but... *points to list of awesomeness in self defense*)

On Friday there is a Stargate SG-1 panel I would like to attend which is supposed to have most of the original actors (if only Claudia Black were there life would be complete), but other than that, I will probably hang out in the exhibit hall. Shopper's paradise. *happy sigh*

Saturday I am ditching the Con early to board a train and take a 2 and a half hour ride up to L.A. to visit my friend Rachel, who left all of us who love her up here in No. Cal. in mid June to accept the pastorate at Mt. Hollywood UCC. *sniffle* So I will finally get to hear her preach! Her church is actually on the same street as the Hollywood walk of fame. (a couple of miles down the street, but still...)

So I will get to hang with Rachel and see how the other half lives. LOL She just posted pics on her facebook of the wicked cool apartment she snagged down there that she will get to move into on August 1st. *bows head in minor embarrassment because the first thing that went through my mind was that line from the Beverly Hillbillies about swimming pools and movie stars*

And then it will be back on a plane on Monday afternoon to head back to work Tuesday. I can't even remember the last time I took a vacation vacation. Well, I guess it really was the Xena con in 2000, right after Seminary. I usually feel guilty about taking time off and try to incorporate some work type aspect into my time away, like a conference or something. But this time I am completely selfish.

John Barrowman!!! *squee**thud* If I don't quit that, I am going to have a very sore throat and a very bruised face. *giggle*

So, 7 more days. I know this because the adorable countdown calendar that my roommate, Jennifer made for me told me so. LOL She made me a 20 day count down calendar with a different picture of John every day from various shows, musicals, candid shots, with his pets, with his partner, in his kilt; she was very creative. *manic grin*

Now, back to work. I'm trying realllllllllllly hard to stay on task and not wander off to Barrowman Land. Failing that, I want to get as much as possible done in a fairly accurate fashion. Barring that, I don't want to fall asleep at my desk. ;-)

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I found your entry via Google - and yay! I'll be there, too! I'm also going to preview night and I can't friggin wait! But I'm a bit nervous, too. By the way, I'm Anna.

Hi Anna,

Sorry for the late reply, have you ever subscribed to so many elists that your inbox gets so flooded that the important stuff gets buried? So, *dusts off response and sets it back on journal* all that to say, don't be nervous. We can be in the same boat! *grin*

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I'm Tammy. Since I'm also on facebook, I keep forgetting that LJ doesn't have my real name. *sheepish grin*

It's almost upon us!!!!!!! *boune, bounce, bounce, bounce*

What? You're not driving up to Book Soup in West Hollywood Wednesday evening to have John and Carole sign his autobiography, which I'm SURE you must have bought by now, and then driving back to San Diego that get a good night's sleep before lining up next morning as soon as the doors me? ;-)

LOL No car and no license sort of make it a bit difficult. Though if I HAD know about the signing I might have flown into LA to begin with, gone to the signing and then either hitched with someone who was obviously going to the con after that or taken the train. Alas, twas not to be. *sigh* I really wanted to meet Carole too!!! *scuffs shoe on virtual sidewalk* You will just have to enjoy it enough for me too. ;-)

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