Outer Space For Inner Life

Close Encounters of the Word Kind

25 November 1974
I am a creative soul, who loves to while away the hours with a mouse, a graphics program and a webpage. Or perhaps I spend my time with a keyboard, a word processor, and vivid images comprised of words. Or perhaps it was Miss Scarlet in the library with the candlestick. Anyway, When I'm not messing around with color or making collages of words, I indulge in the reading of fiction, mainly sci-fi or lesbian, anything of a scientific nature, or spiritual. Have I mentioned yet that my tastes run toward the eclectic? Faith is very important to me, and many of my poems have that common thread. I am gregarious, talkative (moreso in the written that spoken realm), and love people and animals with a passion. All that to say "who knows where this journal is going to go today." ;)

My current Mood is brought to you by crackified which is helping to feed my obsession for Doctor Who.
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